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Tim Scarrott is a United States Combat Veteran and accomplished motorcycle enthusiast with over 20 years of riding experience. Tim’s love of motorcycles began at the age of 1, when Tim’s dad Nelson would take him for dirt bike rides on his Bultaco, until Tim was old enough to ride by himself. Tim’s family belonged to the TrailBike Sportsman Association, camping and riding dirt bikes throughout California at places such as Georgetown, Middletown, Fout Springs, Hollister Hills, Prairie City and Carnegie just to name a few. Tim began competing in the TrailBike Sportsman Association’s “Junior Trials”, his first experiences in motorcycle competition. Tim often won his class and also won several “overall” awards. Tim raced motocross in high school, competing at several tracks in northern California and raced the amateur division at the Cow Palace Supercross when he was 15. Tim began to focus on motocross but suffered a broken back while practicing for a motocross race, sidelining his racing career. Tim’s doctor gave strict orders to stay away from motorcycles; Tim recovered and returned to trail riding for several years throughout northern California.

He stopped riding motorcycles at the age of 22 to focus on military service and a career in law enforcement. Tim served 12 years at the Oakland Police Department, leaving police work in 2012. He worked a variety of assignments including patrol, investigations and the Special Victims Unit. Tim served 6 years in the California National Guard, 1-184 Infantry Regiment, “Nightstalker” Battalion. Tim served a combat tour in Iraq, participated in over 200 combat missions, earning a Combat Infantry Badge, Valorous Unit Award and other awards and recognitions.

Tim returned home Iraq and bought a 2005 Yamaha R1 from a fellow Army veteran. Tim completed a California Motorcycle Foundation Safety Course and receiving his M1 certificate. Tim enjoyed riding his street bike throughout the bay area and northern California, logging nearly 10,000 miles in his first 6 months on the motorcycle. He began participating in track day events with Pacific Track Time and discovered an atmosphere of motorcycle enthusiasts much like his early years at the TrailBike Sportsman Association. Tim attended as many track days as possible, meeting Michael Earnest and a number of talented local and national level racers. Tim’s love of competition was renewed and brought him to the American Federation of Motorcyclists in 2008. Tim won his first “Clubsman” race and immediately began competing in the expert class as a novice, winning a number of “Top Novice” awards before earning his expert racing license.

Tim currently works as the Operations Manager with Pacific Track Time, hosting riding seminars and participating in “Bike Night” and other promotional events. Tim has participated in over 100 track day events and has literally helped hundreds of motorcycle enthusiasts learn on and off the racetrack. Tim continues to mentor and coach CJ Weaver in addition to a number of AFM and AMA racers. He is currently in his 6th season of racing with the American Federation of Motorcyclists and he is a consistent podium finisher at the races and in overall standings with the AFM. Tim has competed in endurance racing events, winning the 3 round inaugural “Tag Team Challenge” in 2010 and was a finalist for the American Federation of Motorcyclist’s “Rider of the Year” award in 2012 when Tim risked his personal safety to come to the aid of a crashed racer. Tim continues to invest himself in the AFM and he was voted onto the American Federation of Motorcyclists Board of Directors during 2012.

Tim is featured on the 2 Wheel Podcast, Episode 27 and Episode 31, 2013 during 2013, EBC Brakes 2012 National Catalog and been featured on “On The Throttle TV” with Dave Moss during 2009, Pacific Track Time promotional materials and advertising banners, ongoing social media content on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram by KFG Suspension, Bell Helmets, Driven Racing and EBC Brakes in addition to a number of magazine and internet media outlets.  He has logged over 50,000 miles on his street bike including both commuting and recreational riding, continues to ride motocross and dirt bike off road and has recently discovered a love of Supermoto bikes. Tim paints motorcycles as a hobby, painting street bikes in addition to AFM & AMA Race bikes, some of which have been displayed at events and at the International Motorcycle Show. Tim assisted with the R6 “Team Fail” project featured on the cover of Super Street Bike magazine. Tim has been featured on the EBC Brakes US and EBC Brakes UK blogs, and a number of inside and outside industry websites and in the news. Tim has competed at Sonoma Raceway’s Wednesday night drag races, winning “Runner Up” his first night out with a quarter mile time of 10.4 seconds @ 141mph, with his road racing setup! He will compete in the Mohave Mile / Mohave Magnum event during 2014 with a goal of 200mph and hopes to race in AMA Superbike when the AMA returns to the west coast.

Tim represents his sponsors, fans, family and friends, Pacific Track Time and the American Federation of Motorcyclists at all times on and off the racetrack. His racing program is diverse with multi-dimensional advertising, marketing, product exposure, social networking and media exposure. Please feel free to contact Tim at any time and check for the latest news here or at:







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