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I’ve been fortunate to have been featured on a number of websites over the years and many of the links can be found here. If I’ve been featured on your website and the link isn’t here, please email me and I’ll update the content.

Ongoing social media content on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram by KFG Suspension, Bell Helmets, Driven Racing and EBC Brakes

Motorcycle Superstore Article #4: “Riding Safety”

Motorcycle Superstore Article #3: “Pre-trackday bike inspection checklist”

Motorcycle Superstore Article #2: “How to prep for your first track day”

Motorcycle Superstore Article #1: “What is a track day and why should I participate?”

AFM Round 4 coverage on Next Moto Champion:  Tim Scarrott snagged Open Production: 1st in Open Production & 5th in Grand Prix

AFM Round 2 mention in Next Moto Champion:  2nd Place Open Production

AFM Round 1 coverage on Next Moto Champion: Tim Scarrott kicked off Heavyweight action with a win in the Open Production race:  1st in Open Production & 3rd in Grand Prix

GU Energy Pinterest:  http://www.pinterest.com/pin/407012885045827371/

2 Wheel Podcast Interview:  Episode 31, 2013

March 2014 EBC Vee Rotor Review Part 2:  http://ebcbrakes.com/ebc_motorcycle_and_atv_racing/superbike-racer-tim-scarrotts-impressive-ebc-vee-rotors-review-part-2/

January 2014 Scarrott Racing Report published by EBC Brakes:  http://ebcbrakes.com/ebc_motorcycle_and_atv_racing/tim-scarrotts-2014-season-is-planned-with-number-1-ebc-racing-brakes/

2013 EBC Vee Rotor Review, published on the EBC Website:  http://ebcbrakes.com/ebc_product_reviews/tim-scarrotts-ebc-vee-rotors-review/

2 Wheel Podcast Interview – and I’m completely stoked about this one!  2 Wheel Podcast Episode 27, 2013

CJ Weaver Podcast interview, 2 Wheel Podcast Episode 21, 2013.  CJ discusses me beginning at 21:30 in the recording.

Racing Blog by Michael Medina “Luckily I was able to get in touch with fellow racer, Tim Scarrott. The man has mad painting skills.” He did an amazing job of painting the bodywork as evidenced by the photos from Oxymoron Photography.

November 2013 EBC “Fantastic results running EBC racing brakes for Tim Scarrott”

October 2013 EBC Brakes “Another excellent AFM season with EBC racing brakes for Tim Scarrott”

Next Moto Champion, Race Report by CJ Weaver: “Thank you to Tim Scarrott who has mentored me over the last few years and has been like a brother to me.”

Next Moto Champion, race Report by CJ Weaver: I really would like to thank Tim Scarrott for mentoring me these last few years. And giving me a short notice amazing looking paint job!

Sacramento Crotch Rockets: Motogirlz California Skills Day with Tim Scarrott

Ritz Racing 2013: “Tim Scarrott was all over me for the first few laps and he rode a great race”

Bell Powersports Twitter & Facebook Page 2013: ROAD RACING | Bell rider Tim Scarrott running the Star Carbon AirTrix Laguna

EDR Facebook Page 2013: Tim Scarrott 2013 Opening AFM Race Report

Bell Powersports Twitter & Facebook Page 2012: RIDE | Bell rider Tim Scarrott, running the Star Carbon Hess.

Thunderhill Championship 2012: Open Production 3rd place Tim Scarrott

EBC Brakes 2012 National Catalog, “2011 Hall of Fame”

EBC Brakes 2012: EBC Brakes make for an amazing 2012 season for Tim Scarrott, “Without a doubt, the very best motorcycle brakes you can use!”

EBC Brakes 2012: “EBC Brakes is one of my most important sponsors…the newest EBC Brakes clutches are fantastic.”

EBC Brakes 2011: New EBC GPFA sintered Race pads are unbelievable if you aren’t running EBC Brakes, I will out-brake you into your favorite turn” says Tim Scarrott

EBC Brakes 2011: EBC Extreme Pro Brake Pads for a Suzuki GSXR 1000 gave Tim Scarrott a phenomenal experience!

Bay Area Riders Forum: Bell Powersports, Star Helmet Review

Insurrection Racing 2011: Tim Scarrott, AFM #102, had his Arlen Ness leathers totally patched out by Insurrection with all his sponsors for the 2011 race season!

Christie Coolie Race Report 2011: “We were eagerly awaiting Nikki’s freshly repaired and painted bodywork, which AFM racer Tim Scarrott was working on.”

Daily Republic Newspaper 2011: Tim Scarrott traded one war zone for another

EDR Racing 2010: EDR Sweeps Season Finale

Super Street Bike Magazine cover article, Rossi replica project: 4TheRiders “Paint by Tim Scarrott” & Super Street Bike and AMA Superbike Josh Herrin via Facebook

Johnson Leather Sponsored Racer, 2009 – 2012: Forcefield Racing Sponsored Riders

On the Throttle TV with Dave Moss via Road Racing World: Tim Scarrott Talks About The Results Of Installing A 25mm Fork Cartridge Kit

Driven Racing Sponsored Racer, 2009 to current: Driven Racing Sponsored Riders

And numerous mentions in road racing world for results:

Road Racing World May 2013, 3rd Place Open Production

Road Racing World Mar 2013, 2nd Place Open Production & 6th Place Open GP

Road Racing World Oct 2012, 3rd Place Open Production

Road Racing World Sep 2012, 2nd Place Open Production

Road Racing World Aug 2012, 3rd Place Open Production

Road Racing World Jul 2012, 3rd Place Open Production

Road Racing World June 2012, 1st Place Open Production

Road Racing World Oct 2011, 5th Place, Open Production & 5th Place Open Superbike

Road Racing World Sep 2011, 4th Place, Open Production

Road Racing World Aug 2011, 2nd Place, Open Production & 6th Place, Open Superbike

Road Racing World Jul 2011, 5th Place, Open Production.

Road Racing World May 2011, 6th Place, Open Production

Road Racing World Apr 2011, 5th Place, Open Production

Road Racing World Mar 2011, 6th Place Open Production

Road Racing World Oct 2010, 1st Place Tag Team Heavyweight, 6th Place Open Production

Road Racing World Jul 2010, 2nd Place Tag Team Heavyweight

Road Racing World June 2010, 3rd Place Tag Team Heavyweight, 5th Place, Open Production

Road Racing World Sep 2008, “Clubsman” – my first race and first race win