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Graham Hetland“For a first-time trackday rider like myself, the Pacific Track Time Rider Racer Development Program (RRDP) not only gave me the fundamentals that I needed to stay safe and learn a lot out there at Sonoma Raceway; the expert instruction by AFM racer Tim Scarrott also gave me the confidence I needed to have fun while I was at it!  Heading in to my very first track day, even though I’ve been riding on the street for over 14 years on all kinds of bikes, I was excited, nervous, and maybe even a little bit scared.  Partly because I was taking my brand new bike that I just bought a month before (Yamaha FZ-09!) out onto the track, and partly because there’s always a little healthy amount of butterflies in my belly heading into something completely new to me, without knowing the rules or overall etiquette.  I barely slept the night before… I kept tossing and turning, waking up every 30 minutes to check the time.  “Damn, it’s only 3:00am… still at least three more hours to sleep.

Starting my first trackday with the clear, concise, and encouraging instruction from the RRDP program took away enough of the unknowns for me to forget the butterflies in my belly, regain my focus, and get excited to test my mettle and learn some new skills that would translate to my street riding as well.  The tips and tricks from Tim were invaluable, like how to avoid the most common causes of crashes on the track, how to use proper body position to reduce lean angle and increase the contact patches, how to find the perfect turn-in points (without turning in too early), and even things like “trail braking,” which I already did instinctually on the street, but could really fine-tune and hone in that track setting once I had the vocabulary to think about and describe what I was doing out there. Overall, I highly recommend any and every rider to attend an RRDP program.  No matter what your experience or skill level is, we all have something new to learn. Personally, with everything I learned in the morning sessions and with RRDP support, I was able to move from the C Group up to the B Group in my first day on track.  I left the experience with a whole new toolkit to hone and build upon, as well as a renewed sense of self-confidence, and even a nickname! If you’re headed to a Pacific Track Time event, sign up for the RRDP program.  You won’t regret it.”


– Graham Hetland, Motorcycle Superstore







The Grime

“I really enjoyed the program as Tim was not only able to answer any questions I had but expand on them to help me better understand what I was seeking. His intimate knowledge of the local tracks is also really helpful and accelerates the learning curve. He does all this in a very detailed and analytical way which really worked for me and helped me better achieve my goals. Thanks Tim!”

– THE GRIME – track day enthusiast














1450832_10152102563668968_228851166_n“I attended PTT’s Rider Racer Development Program late last year and came away pleased with what I had learned.  Tim put together a great set of lessons that will help any rider who is looking to improve their consistency and performance on the track. Between the on track demonstrations, the pit demonstrations and the classroom sessions, I left with a wealth of information and several changes to my approach to riding on the track.  If you have not attended this program, I highly recommend you sign up.  It will improve your riding.”

– Marcus Zarra AFM Expert # 727


















photo“I learned so much in the Rider Development Program from Tim Scarrott and the PTT staff. The 5 days of classroom and track time were great. I learned everything from braking, corner entry speed, apex, corner exit, body position, taking notes throughout your day and something that nobody really talks about mental training. Something that stuck with me that Tim said, was there is a lot of people that go fast out there without knowing how they do it, but could you describe to me what is it that you do that makes you go fast and knowing how to improve.”

– Ceasar Garcia AFM Novice # 719












10173682_482796325200596_3888665215004123838_n“Early in the 2014 season, I had looked ahead on the calendar and picked a few days that I planned on attending the Rider Racer Development Program (RRDP) being held by Pacific Track Time (PTT).  I knew the key to my success this season was going to be completely dependent on the amount of quality seat time I was going to be able to get.  Unfortunately, the first RRDP day that worked for me was on 5/12/14 at Sonoma, which was the same week I was leaving for Ireland.  As much as I wanted to attend and ride, I knew that if I crashed I would have a very upset wife and would miss my vacation.  I ended up talking with Ken Casey (owner of PTT) and Tim Scarrott (PTT and RRDP instructor) and explained my situation.  They offered to let me sit in on the classroom portion and hang out at the track for the day.  As hard as it was being at the track and not riding, it was amazing how much knowledge I gained from just listening to classroom instruction on proper ways to ride a motorcycle.  I couldn’t wait to get back to the track and start applying what I had learned.  My next race was only a few weeks later and I was able to apply some of the things I had learned during the RRDP.  I was so happy when my lap times dropped by a full 3 seconds from my previous fastest lap (the end of the 2013 race season).  Big thanks to PTT, Ken Casey, and Tim Scarrott.  You guys make PTT the premier track day provider.”

– Tyler Wolters  AFM novice #478












10284546_10152440403174884_5004807817632053749_o“Oh Boy oh boy !! I am Very curious to find out what Else is hidden in your sleeves. Fellow racers and all levels of trackday junkies alike, If you have not attended any of Tim’s Courses, you must , must, sign up and receive what you deserve as rider and even a racer. I tell you this because I spend all my money on trackdays (literally) and race when I Can. Just in the last 3 seasons I’ve done at least 30 track days with PTT and I hit a Plateau. I Just wasn’t getting faster . Being tired of all the frustrations I Signed up To attend Tim ‘s class. He is a true professional, straight to the point kind of guy. He doesn’t accept his time being wasted and in return he won’t waste yours. Tim is one person that I Just “believe” and because he made me believe and trust his technique I began to go faster, SMOOTHER, and a whole completely different state of mind . And!! That’s not all, You also Must Inquire about OFF the track 1on1 dirt bike Course . Although your on dirt , this Class was all about Roadracing and trackday riding. The experience I had and all that I’ve gained Is a must share . GO and get !!! ”

– Angel Bernabe AFM Novice # 223






1466209_10151754984928671_1583948199_n“I attended the first 2 phases of the 4 phase program. Tim Scarrott is a fantastic instructor and one of the fastest racers in the AFM. He will give you insights you will not get anywhere else. He will let you watch his personal videos where you can see/experience exactly what he does when going crazy fast. I can’t wait to take the last 2 phases.”

Curtis Zeeb – AFM Expert #650











Last year was my first year racing club racing with the AFM and what a great time!  I met a lot a nice people and came across the Pacific Track Time Rider/Racer Development Program.  I can’t say enough about the program and would not be riding as well as I am in relatively short time.  AFM and AMA racers teach you the lessons they have learned over years of riding and put the information into a format that is easy to comprehend, and then watch you ride and give you feedback.  I would recommend the program to anybody who wants to become a better rider, in other words you don’t have to race to benefit.  This is my second year participating in the program and I am looking forward to my third, fourth and fifth.

Eric Milina AFM Novice #677