The purpose of the Scarrott Racing Tech Section is to share information, tips and product reviews to assist in increasing knowledge within the motorcycle enthusiast and road racing community.  I have tested various products over the years for a number of inside and outside industry manufacturers with testing and product development for both public disclosure and for non-disclosure review.

While I am partnered with / sponsored by a number of companies and I do review their products, I absolutely guarantee my reviews are transparent and unbiased.  I am fortunate to be partnered with some of the very best inside and outside industry companies that I know are great for the sport.  I will not endorse products or a company that I don’t believe in so if you are reading it here you can rest assured my review states exactly what I think.

If you are an inside or outside industry sponsor and you are interested in my reviewing your product or conducting testing please feel free to email me.  I am very familiar with Non-Disclosure and Intellectual Property disclaimers so if the information is not for public release I can assure you my discretion through the testing process.