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Each and every sponsor is absolutely critical to the success of my racing program.  I do my very best to represent my sponsors at all times on and off the racetrack.  With over 20 years of experience in the motorcycle industry, I know what it takes to represent sponsors.  I also know how important it is to give back to the racing community, coaching and mentoring racers, participating in product tests and development, writing reviews and providing specific feedback.

I believe in the analogy that “racing Sunday means sales Monday” and I absolutely guarantee that I will outperform the terms of any sponsorship agreement.  I approach my sponsorships with a multi-faceted approach to maximize exposure of your products and services, driving business and resulting in sales.


This approach includes but is not limited to:

– Product use and personal endorsement; proven results speak for themselves.

– Discussing sponsors at the racetrack.  I am a knowledgeable ambassador and I will learn about your products and services, sometimes better than your own sales people.  Nothing is more powerful than word of mouth advertising.

– Wearing logo attire, thus becoming a constant walking billboard for your company.

– Passing out product literature and products at the racetrack.  I have easily passed out over 1,000 items at racetracks all over northern California in the last few years.

–  Race reports in PDF with pictures and updates, emailed monthly to an email list of several hundred people.  These race reports are also published to Facebook and my website and I grant full rights of publication in writing to my sponsors.

– Access to digital media including photographs and video.  Full rights are granted in writing for the use of media to my sponsors.

–  I will expose customers to your business via social networking sites including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.  My social networking sites receive many hundreds of “Likes”, “Comments”, “Shares” and various traffic per month.

–  Sponsor listing on my website, currently experiencing high volume traffic.

– Display of your logos on my race bikes, very few companies can offer you advertising at over 150mph.

– Display of your logos on tool boxes, race transport vehicles, and in my pit area.  My pit is a powerful marketing tool and makes for fantastic advertising photographs.


In addition, I will assist your company by providing direct feedback about your product, conduct product testing and assist you in developing a more effective strategy.  This may include but is not limited to:

– Product reports for your sole use and distribution

– Product testing and evaluation.  I am familiar with product non-disclosure and non-disclosure agreements.

– New product recommendations.

– Market analysis at the sponsorship and direct level.

– Analysis in regard to the effectiveness of the sponsorship program.  I have assisted companies in developing sponsorship programs and have provided critical information to the feasibility of the programs.


Other benefits of sponsorship may include:

– Personal invitation to attend track day events

– Personal coaching at track day events

–  Personal invitation to racing events

– Display of my racing motorcycles at your business or social event

– Guest speaker at your event

– Working as a representative for your company at social events or industry related events


I believe in loyalty and I have met and exceeded the terms of every sponsorship agreement I have entered in.  I have a track record of proven results with each and every one of my sponsors and this will always be the case and I have retained many of my sponsors since the beginning of my road racing career.

I am always interested in discussing sponsorship opportunities and negotiating contracts for myself and other racers.  Part of my coaching and mentoring endeavors includes recruiting sponsors for racers and recruiting racers for sponsors.  I know the industry well and I know who will be a positive representative of your company.

Please feel free to contact me via email at ScarrottRacing@gmail.com if you wish to discuss sponsorships and how I may be of assistance to your company.

Thank you,


Tim Scarrott


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