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Each and every sponsor is absolutely critical to the success of my racing program.  I serve as a brand ambassador and represent my sponsors at all times on and off the racetrack.  With over 20 years of experience in the motorcycle industry, I know what it takes to represent sponsors. Many of you ask how you can support Scarrott Racing or help with the industry – I ask that you consider my sponsors first and bring them your business!


Pacific Track Time – www.pacifictracktime.com 925-418-4424
EDR Performance – http://www.edrperformance.com 503-672-7223
Driven USA http://www.drivenracing.com/
EBC Brakes http://www.ebcbrakes.com/
KFG Suspension http://www.kfgracing.com/ 253-397-4474

CT Racing / Perelli Tires http://www.ctracetires.com/
Optimal Racing http://optimalracing.com/ 877-308-9888

Bell Helmets .   www.bellsports.com available via ScarrottRacing@gmail.com
Lagunitas Beer, Petaluma CA http://www.lagunitas.com/
ZED AUDIO car amplifiers http://www.zedaudiocorp.com/
Amsoil – Robert Koeller www.amsoil.com  707-410-6954 or rkoll001@comcast.net
Sidi Boots & Forcefield Armor www.motonation.com/sidihome.asp
GP Frame & Wheel – Napa, CA http://www.gpframeandwheel.com/
Bazzaz Performance www.bazzaz.net

Napa Auto Parts – Fairfield, CA http://www.napaonline.com/ 707-425-6417
Western Sign Company, Fairfield, CA 707-422-6011
John’s Welding, 1025 Benicia Road  Vallejo, CA 94591, 707-552-0196
ASV Inventions at http://asvinventions.com/
World Wide Bearings

NGK Spark Plugs http://www.ngksparkplugs.com/
Von Zipper sunglasses www.vonzipper.com

GU Energy – Berkeley, Ca www.guenergy.com/ available via ScarrottRacing@gmail.com
K&N Filters http://www.knfilters.com/

TDS Guns – Rocklin, CA http://tdsguns.com/

MOTO-D http://www.motodracing.com/


Many thanks to my amazing sponsors!

Many thanks to my amazing sponsors!