Rider Racer Development Program




Rider Racer Development Program




Presented by: Scarrott Racing

Hosted by:  Pacific Track Time

In partnership with:  Motorcycle Superstore


Available Dates:

August 16th RRDP Level 1 at Thunderhill Raceway

August 17th, RRDP Level 2 at Thunderhill Raceway

Sep 8th, RRDP Level 3 at Thunderhill Raceway


Oct 27th, RRDP Level 1 at Thunderhill Raceway

(You don’t have to take the days in order but I recommend you do!)


The Rider Racer Development Program began during 2013 with continuous improvements made based on feedback from program participants.  The RRDP began to address the need for constant rider education and improvement.  This program is designed for street, track day riders and racers to gain a more thorough understanding of their riding ability in addition to preparation for a racing or track day event.  You will have an opportunity to learn fundamental and advanced techniques of motorcycle operation while gaining an understanding that allows you to operate your motorcycle safely and with more confidence increasing your speed as a natural result.  You will learn about effective braking techniques including “trail braking”, throttle application, line selection, use of track maps, body positioning, the importance of apex, chassis and suspension setup, scanning with your eyes, motorcycle preparation and a variety of other subjects that will enhance your ability to operate your motorcycle on and off the racetrack.


Ultimately we all want to be better, safer riders, possess greater skill and increase our understanding of motorcycle riding techniques.  Greater skill and experience translates to speed and reduced laptimes on the racetrack, essential to moving from the beginner to advanced groups for trackday enthusiasts and helping racers achieve better results.  Fortunately, increases in skill also mean an increase in safety.  For most motorcycle enthusiasts crashing is a very realistic concern and I make sure that safety is built into every aspect of this program.  I actually recommend that program participants slow down to practice new techniques and most riders experience reduced laptimes by the end of the day.


The first ever “RRDP” was conducted during 2013 with fantastic results and great feedback from everyone in the class.  The Pacific Track Time team of staff members, sponsored racers and dedicated customers achieved 35 top 3 finishes in overall championship points for 2013 and a total of 193 podium finishes in AFM and AMA during 2013.  The program will be presented by Pacific Track Time’s experienced staff that have the experience necessary to ensure a successful start or significant advancement to your street riding, track day or road-racing program.  Our staff members have ridden with, coached and mentored riders of a variety of skillsets ranging from first time track riders to experienced AMA professional road racers.  No matter what your experience level, everyone will benefit from the Rider and Racer Development Program.


Each day your program will be begin at 7:30 am, where will be provided written program material to everyone registered.  The material and goals for the day will be discussed and you will have an opportunity to ask any questions prior to the standard riders meeting.  You will meet in a classroom setting throughout the day, be given instruction designed to enhance your skill development and then practice your techniques on the track.  The skills you will learn in this program build from day to day in a logical format.
The classroom subjects will be the same for all groups – as your skill level increases, your application of the techniques will also increase.  There is no “beginner” or “advanced” level – if you are in the C group, your class session will be geared toward the application of the skill set within your capability now.  The A Group class will receive the same subject discussion but at a higher level of application given their skill level.  So, as you progress through the groups you can continue to take RDDP classes and learn the next level of application for your skill set.  Several riders have already done this from C group to B group and B group to A group – learning better application and increasing performance along the way.











$100 in addition to the cost of the track day. 



Sign up for the trackday at www.pacifictracktime.com.  Sign up for your regular group (A, B or C).

AND – Pay for the RRDP via Paypal or cash at the track.




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