Racer Gloves USA R-Safe Glove Review

Scarrott Racing is proud to present a review of the Racer Gloves USA R-Safe gloves!


Wearing proper motorcycle safety equipment increases your safety as well as your confidence.  Lucky for us, modern motorcycle safety apparel is full of purpose, product design and features in addition to being very stylish.  Gloves are usually the last thing you put on before you ride off into the sunset or onto the race grid and in my opinion, gloves and a helmet are 2 of the most important pieces of safety equipment you can invest in.


My overall impression of these gloves is excellent with no reservations and I highly recommend the Racer R-Safe Glove.  The Racer Gloves company has a focus on quality products and safety and with over 20 years at the same manufacturing facilities, this tells me that Racer Gloves is dedicated to consistency and quality control.  The gloves fit great, look fantastic, had very limited break in time and they are backed by fantastic customer service and a 1-year warranty.  Their website can be found at www.racerglovesusa.com!


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