Questions and Answers





Questions and Answers



What will I learn in the program?

–       You will learn fundamental and advanced techniques of motorcycle operation, the same techniques used by racers locally, nationally and internationally.


Who can participate?

–       The Rider Racer Development Program is designed to enhance your riding ability at any skill level, from beginning riders to national level racers


Why should I participate?

–       Motorcycle enthusiasts tend to gather riding information from a variety of resources such as online forums, Social Media or YouTube.  Unfortunately many of these resources are not valid and the techniques are not correct.  By participating in the RRDP you will have the opportunity to learn correct riding techniques from riders and racers with real experience.


What does the program cost?

–       The RRDP program costs $100 in addition to the track day.  This program cost is the best possible value for the information you will learn.  Most other training programs or “racing schools” will easily cost 2 – 3 times the cost of a trackday and the RRDP is very competitively priced.


How much instruction will I actually receive:

–       You will receive approximately 2 hours of instruction each day


Will I be able to work 1 on 1 with an instructor?

–       The RRDP is designed to teach you to learn and be confident while practicing your techniques.  Pacific Track Time instructors are available to individually assist PTT customers at any PTT event, based on their availability.  RRDP instructors typically teach all day and their riding time is limited.  If you wish to have private, 1 on 1 instruction you may email me at: .


What is the schedule during the program?

Click here: Daily Schedule


Will I miss any track time?

–       No!  You will have the opportunity to attend class then ride in your normal track session.


Do I have to attend every class?

–       To maximize program value, you should try to participate in each class session.  If you do not make a session, you will not be penalized in any way.  The curriculum will be made up for you if possible.


Will I have the opportunity to ask questions?

–       Yes!


What if I am not happy with the program or the program is not what I expected?

–       A full program refund will be provided on a case by case basis.