Projects and Paint!

This page is dedicated to projects and paint jobs.  I began painting my own motorcycles with rattle can just like we all did and I definitely thought I had my paint jobs looking good when I found out about Krylon clear coat!  6 years of painting later, I still enjoy shooting paint when I get the time.  I also assist track riders and racers with bike prep, basic motorcycle service and crash assessment / crash repair jobs to help get bikes back onto the track.  I’ve been fortunate to work on a few unique projects over the years including Tomas Covinha’s “TEAM FAIL” project, a Rossi replica bike featured on the cover of SuperStreetBike magazine.  I just completed a Marco “Super Sic” Simoncelli tribute with a ton of House of Kolor Kandy colors and Kandy graffitti and I’ve painted a few race bikes inbetween.


I will also clarify because I get this question sometimes – I am a “hobbyist” and not a professional painter or business.  I comply with the EPA guidelines, use high quality HVLP paint guns and I don’t throw old paint down the drain.  I paint as a hobby and for projects I’m interested in but I’m not a full service paint shop.


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Check out the photo album and if you need some work, feel free to email me at






Team Fail!



A few more bikes I’ve painted: