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I currently serve as the Operations Manager for Pacific Track Time.  I have worked for Pacific Track Time since 2008 as a staff member and later as a racing instructor. In addition to assisting customers on and off the racetrack, I coordinate events, write proposals and reports, seek out sponsorship opportunities for Pacific Track Time and Pacific Track Time staff and customers. If you are interested in riding at a Pacific Track Time trackday, I encourage you to attend and I will personally assist you.

Here is some information from the Pacific Track Time website:
First and foremost, Pacific Track Time and supporting staff is committed to rider safety. Our organization was formed in 2002, during that last 10 years we’ve successfully hosted roughly 30 events a year; in fact, statistically Pacific Track Time has one of the best and highly coveted safety records within the motorcycle track day industry.

Pacific Track Time is proud to have some of the best staff members available within our industry; every staff member has been carefully chosen for their experience, personality, humility and commitment to riding excellence. Our mature staff, many having over 25 years riding experience with all staff holding AFM racing licenses and the majority holding AMA Pro licenses are personally trained in handling safety situations. In addition rider equipment, specifically motorcycle technical inspection is overseen by former long-term AFM Chief Tech Inspector and current staff member Ross Wells.

PTT is comprised of highly trained and dedicated motorcycle enthusiasts, with a committed objective in providing a safe, fun, structured and controlled environment to enhance rider’s skills. Professional, trained turn workers and medical staff is on duty at every event. Each venue has specific safety issues, which are addressed, and the track is previewed for conditions before riders go on course. A concise and thorough riders meeting is given, prior to entering the track, regarding pertinent information on track safety. It is also repeated clearly that any person with a concern throughout the day should address these with PTT at registration to make their day is more enjoyable. Sighting laps are conducted in the morning to show track conditions and corner worker station locations. Numerous staff members are constantly on track to monitor rider safety throughout the day. In the event of potential serious concern, Ken Casey is always on site to ensure the situation is handled properly

PTT has introduced thousands of riders safely and comfortably to the racetrack. New riders are treated to an orientation class at each event to provide riders with important information. We understand that every rider has their own goals and expectations; therefore personal instruction is available for all levels of riders throughout the day. As riders improve, we encourage them to move up to our Advanced B Group to better their skills and ride with others of similar pace. The PTT A Group is well-known for being impressively fast. Experienced track riders and racers will appreciate the fast and competitive pace of the A group. These individuals have simply learned from some of the fastest riders in the West. This is an example of what level can be achieved with proper training and riding experience.

Each and every one of you makes PTT what it is! We appreciate the positive attitudes of the riders and racers at each of our track days. PTT’s experienced staff, instructors and track side service providers are always ready to assist you to make your track day experience the very best it can be!

See you at the track!

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