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About Michelle


My first interaction with motorcycles began when I was 3 years old.  My dad had a 500cc Triumph Flat Track motorcycle and raced in both Northern and Southern California and racing was a family activity.  My dad used to give me rides on his motorcycle and I remember sitting on the gas tank and hanging on to the support of the handlebars, melting my rubber of my shoes on the top of the motor.  Unfortunately I had to wait until I was 9 years old before I rode a motorcycle myself, riding a Suzuki TM125 on a flat track at our family property in Salinas, Ca.  I knew that I wanted to be a racer and I wanted to be the best.


Since then, I have raced in the United States, Belgium, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Canada and Austria, competing on a variety of motorcycles including Harley Davidson, Supermoto, Flat Track, World Championship Supermoto and Mono Bike (singles road race), winning a number of races and championships in the US and abroad.  At this point in my career I plan to focus on the AMA Grand National Dirt Track Series, a nationally televised race series within the United States.  I have ridden and raced motorcycles, worked as a mechanic, crew chief, machinist and motor builder for the last 30 years and I can say without hesitation that I will provide you with unparalleled representation on and off the racetrack.  While I recognize that my story is unique, I believe the most important accomplishments of my racing career are yet to come and I hope that you will be part of this opportunity.

Career Highlights


Over the last 29 years I have been fortunate to earn a living as a mechanic, machinist and motor builder in addition to racing all over the world.  I worked with Bob White (1996 AMA tuner of the year) at Modesto Harley Davidson from 1998 – 2003 and was mentored by Ron Hamp, an accomplished motor builder, tuner and developer.  I have served as a crew chief and motor builder and I have found a passion for specialty performance projects, designing, modifying and testing custom motors.  During 2012 I worked with Verheyen Suzuki, modifying the cooling system and anti-vibration system of the Suzuki RMZ cam chain, these modifications were engineered in the 2013 Suzuki RMZ 250 motor.


During the course of my career I have been featured in dozens of media press releases, newspaper articles, magazines and internet websites worldwide.  I have drawn the attention of international fans, supporters and sponsors in addition to having the opportunity to mentor and coach racers of all levels within the US and abroad.  This has resulted in a vast network which I rely upon for the continued success of my racing career and serves as a powerful tool to promote my sponsors.


I have been sponsored by a number of companies in several different countries and I appreciate all of their support over a long and distinguished motorcycle career.  Having the opportunity to represent these companies has taught me to be the best possible ambassador at all times, positively representing your products and services on and off the racetrack.  I am proud to say that I have met and exceeded the terms of each and every one of my contracts over the years and I believe that any of these companies would not hesitate to sponsor me again.


Some of these companies include but are not limited to:
Wossner Pistons, Millennium Technologies, Webcam, Vanson Leathers, Sidi Boots, Cometic Gaskets, Flat Out Racing, Devil Exhausts (France), Suomi Helmets, Verheyen Suzuki (Belgium), Modesto Harley Davidson, Stockton Honda Yamaha, Motion Pro, K&N, Barnett Clutches, Shoei, EBC Brakes, American Suspension, AFAM Sprockets, Supertrapp Mufflers, Race Tech Suspension, Spectro Oils, Motul Oils, Reeve Trucking Company, Tsubaki Chains, J&E Pistons, Color Coat Powder Coating, Saddlemen Motorcycle Seats, A&A Racing Service, Works Connection, MVD Racewear, Go Fast Energy Drink (Holland), Alpina Wheels (Italy), Dirt Racing Supply (Belgium), Paardekam Suspension (Holland), Haan Wheels (Holland), Sunstar Sprockets.


All of my experience and accomplishments will culminate in 2014 as I return to the AMA Grand National Championship series.  This will be my first opportunity to compete in the premier class for the entire season and I am counting on everyone’s support to make 2014 a success.  I have every intent of reclaiming my national 2 digit number and being the fastest female flat track racer in the United States.


Chronological Biography:


1985:  I began racing American Flat Track at age 11, holding a local racing license

1989:  AMA District 36 500cc Flat Track series champion at age 15

1991:  First year as an AMA Pro Flat Track racer, age 18

1993:  AMA District 36, 3rd place overall in the Pro-Am class

1995:  First years as an AMA GNC Flat Track Pro

1996:  AMA District 36, 7th place overall in the Pro-Expert class

1997:  AMA District 36, 3rd place overall in the Pro-Expert class

1998: First season racing the AMA Grand National Series on an 883cc Harley-Davidson


1999 – 2001:  I raced 4 years consecutively on the Harley-Davidson 883.  During this time I was the first woman to carry a national number, #97 and did so for all 4 years.  A national number is only awarded to the top 100 riders in the country.  I was the first woman to be on the podium at an AMA Grand National event and I achieved 9 podium finishes during this time.  I was the first woman to win the AMA National in 2000 and became an AMA National Champion during 2000.  I raced a prototype 1200cc Harley-Davidson during 2000, in an AMA 1000cc plus class.  The motorcycle was developed at Mitchell’s Modesto Harley-Davison and produced over 100 horsepower at the rear wheel.  I finished 12th in the series and was the only woman to race in this class.


2002 – 2003:  After several years of total commitment to national level racing and testing, I raced at a local level on a Honda CRF450 Flat Track motorcycle and raced several AMA Grand National events on a Harley-Davidson XR750, which I built myself.


2004:  I did not race this year and took time to regroup and focus my racing efforts.  After many years of Flat Track racing, my long time sponsor Art Mitchell asked me if I wanted to try Supermoto racing.  I decided to change gears a bit and transformed my CRF450 into a Supermoto bike with Art’s help.


2005:  I raced my first season of Supermoto in the Nor Cal Supermoto USA series.  I finished 3rd for the season in the 450 Expert class and 6th in the Open Pro class.  I had a win at Atwater, Ca, beating formidable competitor Steve Drew at the finish line by inches.  This is one of the most dramatic races I have ever experienced and it further renewed my love of racing.  After the season was over I traveled to Sydney, Australia for a unique invitation only international race event featuring the fastest Supermoto racers from around the world.  I won the women’s class and was titled the “fastest woman in the world” for Supermoto racing for 2005.


2007:  At this time I was racing Supermoto in Belgium and planning to ride an Aprilia 550.  I spent the first six weeks of my stay in Belgium preparing the bike, which suffered a catastrophic motor failure in the first practice of the first race.  With no parts readily available, we purchased a Suzuki RMZ 450 and I quickly adapted to the new bike.  My laptimes were consistently in the top 10 of the “Prestige” class, which is the equivalent of the AMA Pro class.  Once setup and race preparation were complete on the RMZ, I raced at Rotterdam, Holland and nearly won the race in the rain.  I moved up to the Prestige class and found the competition was fierce.  I was able to qualify for the race events and was able to achieve several top 10 finishes during the season.  A dislocated shoulder caused me to be off for 2 weeks and I returned to training and practice as soon as I could to prepare for the Supermoto Grand Finale in Mettet, Belgium.  I finished  12th and 15th with 30,000 spectators in attendance, receiving compliments from World Superbike Champion Troy Corser and 7 time AMA Grand National Champion Chris Carr.  I returned home to the United States for the winter.


2008:  I returned to Belgian Supermoto competing in the Prestige class, finishing 25th in the Belgian Supermoto series and 27th in the Dutch Supermoto series.  These tracks differed from my previous Supermoto experience because these tracks consisted of mostly offroad or dirt sections.  I was proud of these results given the circumstances and gained valuable experience in the dirt track sections.


2009:  I competed in the FIM World Championship Supermoto, racing across Europe including races Barcelona, Spain and Rome, Italy and finished 12th overall.  This season stands out in my mind as an important accomplishment because the travel cost for the season far exceeded anything I had ever experienced.  For example, our race team traveled through the Frejus Tunnel between France and Italy with tunnel tool being calculated by axles at a cost of over 400 Euros, nearly $600 US at the time just to travel through the 18 kilometer tunnel.


2010:  After 5 years of Supermoto racing including both paved and dirt sections, I wanted to try asphalt racing and decided to enter a Belgian Monobike race, competing on my RMZ 450.  After nearly winning my first race I decided to focus on this series and had a fabulous first season.  With many competitors turning nearly identical laptimes, I used drafting techniques from my flat tracking experience to my advantage and finished 3rd overall in the series.  At this time I was also developing and testing improved motor design and the 450 motor evolved into a reliable and powerful 525cc motor which I hoped would propel me to the championship.


2011:  I was set to compete in the Belgian Monobike series with my goal of winning the championship on my 525cc RMZ.  At the time, no other woman had ever won a final in Belgiem, so my 5 wins and 6 podium finishes were big news!  I won the championship and I when I won both finals at Oostende I was awarded the trophy for best rider for the entire event.  During 2011 I also revisited Holland as they began the Dutch Flat Track Cup.  I raced 2 events and set my 2012 goal, to win both the Open Monobike and Dutch Flat Track cup on the same bike.


2012:  I competed in both the Dutch Flat Track Cup and Belgian Monobike series, which turned out to be quite a challenge!  I won the Flat Track championship with 2 wins and 5 podiums during the season and finished 2nd overall in the Monobike series with 2 wins and 6 podium finishes.  I again returned to the US for the winter.




2013:  This has been a year to regroup, focus and train both physical and mentally for the next stage of my racing career.  I was fortunate to meet Craig Mason, a former AMA racer and Supermoto champion and I was fortunate to live on his property and in exchange for working as a machinist.  I used this time to seek sponsorships and commit to racing in the United States, receiving support from Flatout Racing and competing at the Pike’s Peak International Hill Climb, finishing 7th in the HeavyWeight Supermoto class on my RMZ 525.  I was also fortunate to meet Brok McAllister of Supermoto USA and began working for him as an instructor and race official.  I am currently working with Gerry Granduke of Cold Hearted Custom Cycles to develop my Kawasaki based EX650 twin for Grand National Dirt Track Racing.


2014: I am excited as many years of racing experience will culminate into and outstanding season.  I am looking forward to representing my sponsors and as always, giving the fans a show!



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