EBC Vee Rotor Review


Scarrott Racing now includes a “Tech” section to share information, tips and product reviews to assist in increasing knowledge within the motorcycle enthusiast and road racing community.  I recently had an opportunity to test EBC Brakes’ VEE Rotors and I am impressed.  I will review the rotors in depth here and provide some of my thoughts on how these rotors can be applicable to a street rider, track day rider or racer.

A portion of the review is on EBC’s website here:  Tim Scarrott’s EBC Vee-Rotors™ Review


The full review can be read here:  Scarrott Racing EBC Brakes VEE Rotors Review












          EBC Vee Rotors Installed                                                                              EBC VEE Rotors during the Formula Pacific race, with #73 Sebastio Ferreira


I would like to thank EBC’s fantastic technical staff for their excellent customer service, superior performance products and their input in this project.  I would also like to thank Ken Casey for his trackside assistance and fast work to swap rotors and take notes for me in-between testing sessions on the track.

For further information and technical specifications, EBC Brake’s website is located here: http://ebcbrakes.com.  If I may answer additional questions, please feel free to  email me at ScarrottRacing@gmail.com.

See you on the track!

Tim Scarrott



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