EBC Extreme Pro Brake Pads for a Suzuki GSXR 1000 gave Tim Scarrott a phenomenal experience!

My name is Tim Scarrott and I race a GSXR 1000 with the AFM in Northern California. I am an expert racer competing in the Open Production, Open Grand Prix and Open Superbike classes. I have been using EBC brake pads on my street bikes and dirt bikes for 20 years and have always found their quality to be unparalleled. Like many riders, my passion for motorcycles and my desire to compete at ever higher levels drives me to constantly push the envelope of my own skill level and lately I have been focusing on braking. Like learning to ride on worn out tires, I put a set of EBC Extreme Pro™ Brake Pads through their paces; I used the same pads for race practice, 3 races and then 3 trackdays riding at full pace and coacing students (probably 30 sessions), then 1 more day of race practice.

I expected the EBC pads to lose their strong initial bite and they did – but they continued to allow me to clock times within 90% of my personal best. On Saturday August 27th, I competed in my first ever “Formula Pacific” race and put in a set of fresh EBC Kit Pads.  I was literally locking the front wheel, bedding the brakes in the hot pit before I went out for my warmup lap. The fresh set of EBC Extreme Pro™ Brake Pads were confidence inspiring, allowing me to brake deeper into every corner and I set a new personal best laptime. Sunday’s races were even better with a 2nd Place finish in Open Production with new personal best laptimes.  If you don’t think a set of EBC Kit Pads can make that much difference – keep in mind that you can’t go fast if you can’t slow down. These pads are phenomenal and EBC is without a doubt the industry standard!

Tim Scarrott
AFM Expert # 102


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