2013 Scarrott Racing Round 6 Report – Double Podium Spolier!

Dear Sponsors, fans, racers, family and friends,

As always, I have a ton of news to report and I’m stoked to be publishing my Round 6 report. I have been testing products, exercising, riding Supermoto, training my mind and focusing on my diet. I was featured on 2 Wheel Podcast, which received a tremendous number 24 hour and I am very excited to be nationally aired on their show. I spent over 40 hours updating my website with new content, published videos to Youtube, recently created an Instagram account and have still find time to actually race motorcycles! Racing is without a doubt a team effort and I cannot thank everyone enough for all of your support and help over the years. A special thank you goes to EBC Brakes for their technical support and fantastic products. Lastly, I’d like to thank my family and friends who came to the Sonoma racing round to cheer me on, you guys are the best.

This report includes a double podium spoiler, talk about the new EBC VEE Rotors, ZED Audio, 2 Wheel Podcast and a ton of other news.

Here is the report: Scarrott Racing 2013 Round 6 Report

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