2014 Schedule


2014 Schedule

This is my 2014 schedule with most dates confirmed. This schedule is formatted by organization for ease of use by my partnering companies, fans and Pacific Track Time customers.  If you wish to schedule an event with me or wish to attend an event, please feel free to email me.


American Federation of Motorcyclists 2014
More info / sign up for a race here: www.afmracing.org

AFM Board of Directors Meetings – ALWAYS the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 8pm for the open session and usually at Ricky’s Sports Theater in San Leandro.
Race Dates:

March 22 – 23 Buttonwillow Raceway
May 3 – 4 Sonoma Raceway
May 31 / June 1 Thunderhill Raceway
July 19 – 20 Thunderhill Raceway
August 9 – 10 Thunderhill Raceway
August 30 – 31 Sonoma Raceway
October 4 – 5 Thunderhill Raceway


Pacific Track Time 2014 

More info / sign up here:  http://www.pacifictracktime.com/

January 26 Thunderhill w/NRS (Saturday)
February 22 Sonoma (Saturday)
February 23 Sonoma (Sunday)
March 16 Thunderhill w/NRS (Sunday)
March 16 Thunderhill (Sunday)
March 17 Thunderhill(Saturday)
April 2 Thunderhill (Wednesday)
May 12 Sonoma (Monday)
June 20 Portland International Raceway (Friday) (possible schedule conflict for me)
June 21 The Ridge Motorsports Park (Saturday) (possible schedule conflict for me)
June 22 The Ridge Motorsports Park (Sunday) (possible schedule conflict for me)
June 27 Laguna Seca (Friday)
August 8 Thunderhill – AFM Practice (Friday)
August 8 Thunderhill West – Street riders only (Friday)
August 16 Thunderhill (Saturday)
August 17 Thunderhill (Sunday)
September 8 Thunderhill Full Course (Monday)
October 11 Buttonwillow Raceway (Saturday)
October 12 Buttonwillow Raceway (Sunday)
October 27 Thunderhill (Monday)
November 22 Thunderhill Full Course (Saturday)
November 23 Thunderhill Full Course (Sunday)


Mohave Mile 2014

More info / sign up here:  http://www.mojavemile.com/

April 12 / 13


Sonoma Supermoto
At the Kart Track
Schedule can be found at www.simracewaydrivingschool.com