2013 Scarrott Racing Season Opener Report – EDR SPOILER!

Dear Sponsors, fans, racers, family and friends,

Here we go!  The 2013 racing and track day season is in full swing and I’m stoked.  I’ve got a ton of news for all of you and this is going to be an amazing year.  If there is one thing I believe in, it is loyalty – and I have retained almost every one of my sponsors for 2013.  Napa Auto Parts continues to be my title sponsor; their support is amazing and I can’t thank the Fairfield, Ca Napa Auto Parts crew enough.  I will be working hard to represent each and every one of you at every possible opportunity.

So, where do I start? I was nominated for the 2012 AFM / CT Racing “Rider of the Year” award. I was nominated based on my overall professionalism, willingness to help other racers, safe consistent riding and helping a downed rider during a very dangerous race crash during 2012. I was totally humbled to be a finalist for this award and although I wasn’t selected – I was more than honored to be recognized by the AFM membership for my contributions to the AFM and motorcycle racing community. More importantly, I was elected to the AFM’s Board of Directors, as a Director at Large and I’ve worked hard to overcome the learning curve of this important position. I’d like to thank the rest of the AFM board members for getting me up to speed. This position comes with a great amount of responsibility and I endeavor to represent the membership and make sound decisions to ensure the future of the AFM, the oldest and most prestigious racing club in the United States!

Here is the report:  Scarrott 2013 Season Opening Report


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