2013 Scarrott Racing Round 5 Report – DOUBLE PODIUM SPOILER!

Dear Sponsors, fans, racers, family and friends,
I am more than thrilled to be sending out my latest race report, packed with news including a double podium finish for AFM Round 5 at Thunderhill Raceway! I have remained totally focused on my racing efforts over the last month and I’ve worked very hard to seek out every possible improvement I can make to my racing program. These changes have included better diet, physical fitness, as much time as possible on motorcycles and working on my mental conditioning. The results have been phenomenal and I’d like to thank each of my sponsors for being there every step of the way.

My promoting, sponsor representation, social networking and marketing exposure continue to grow with www.Facebook.com/Tim77, www.twitter.com/TimScarrott14 and my YouTube channel, www.youtube.com/scarrottracing. My racing related Facebook posts have received over 300 “likes” and 50 “comments” in the last 2 weeks and the video I posted for Dave Stanton has received over 700 views. My racing updates are currently emailed to several hundred people and my updates have been featured on the EBC Brakes US and EBC Brakes UK websites. Bell Helmets recently used a photograph of me, wearing the new Bell Laguna Airtrix helmet on their Facebook page. I am proud to promote racing and my sponsors at every opportunity.

Here is the report:  Scarrott Racing 2013 Round 5 Report


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