2013 Scarrott Racing Round 2 Report – DRAG RACING SPOILER!

Dear Sponsors, fans, racers, family and friends,

I’ve got a ton of news for everyone and with the long break between AFM Round 1 and AFM Round 2, I’ve got to get you up to speed!  This year has been a lot of fun so far and it has also been extremely productive in terms of social networking, media and sponsor exposure.  My Napa Auto Parts / EDR / KFG, 2011 Suzuki 1000 is working better than ever and I’ve been putting a lot of effort into tuning and learning about chassis and suspension setup.  My sponsors have been tireless; I appreciate your effort and I know we continue to capture and maintain market share at every opportunity.

My race report contains details about my “runner up” finish at the Sonoma Raceway Wednesday Night Drag Races – my 2011 GSXR 1000 powered me to a 10.4 second, 141 mph quarter mile time!

Here is the report:  Scarrott 2013 Round 2 Report


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