2012 Scarrott Racing Round 3 Report – NEW BIKE SPOILER!

Dear Sponsors, family and friends,

As your efforts to promote my racing increase, we continue to see better results.  At this point I plan to send out a report after every race weekend.  It seems that too much happens to let these reports go for more than a month!
The secret bike is out!  I have acquired a 2011 GSXR 1000 and the bike has an interesting story.  A racer and friend, Scott Thomas bought the bike new, rode it on the street and turned it into a “track bike”.  He quickly discovered the bike was a handful, parked the GSXR 1000 and continued to ride his R6.   Scott’s loaned the bike to a friend who crashed it badly and who did not fix what was a brand new motorcycle before the crash.  To Scott’s dismay, the bike sat damaged, in Scott’s garage for 4 months.  After the last AFM round and realizing that I needed to update my trusty but aged race bike, Scott told me to simply take the bike and take over payments.  I am stunned by his generosity and he is proud to see what I’ve done with the bike in a short time.

Here is the full report:  Scarrott Racing 2012 Report 3


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