2012 Scarrott Racing Round 2 Report – STEFAN BRADL SPOILER!

Dear sponsors, family and friends,

Right now, if I were to pick one word that would describe what it takes to be a racer, I would say “perseverance”. A racer IS the man in the arena, doing all they can and no matter how it ends up, the racer will do it all over again just to make sure they are on the grid and not in the grandstands! A racer must possess this quality because that paddock, grid and motorcycle will throw everything at you; and just when you think you’ve got things going really well, still anything can happen. A rained out race, a blown up motor, a “holeshot” and being crashed out of first place, then winning the next race, helping a downed rider and being helped by amazing sponsors, this season is off to an epic start.

Here is the full report:  Scarrott Racing 2012 Report 2



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