2008 Race Bike for Sale

MARTIN SZWARC borrowed this bike at the last round at THill and did 51’s, exactly as the bike sits now.  Fresh valving from KFG Racing in the shock.


No trades, No BS offers.  Test rides with cash in my hand.


I’ll be selling my 2008 GSXR 1000 backup bike, available after the last AFM round.  The bike was only crashed once by me (minor lowside T6 Thill) & was a street crash bike when I originally got it. Bike was spec’ed straight by GP after the last crash, 2 years ago. It currently has a stock motor with low miles (after the Richard Sims disaster), dyno at 165 with probably less than 5k miles. I have the salvage title for the bike & paperwork for the motor.

Bike is AFM production legal, safety wired, drilled, passes AFM tech & ready to race or trackday riding.  Bike needs absolutely nothing, very reliable, well maintained & a blast to ride.  Almost all bodywork comes off with 10mm socket, new bolts everywhere, this is NOT a worn out race bike.  Has Pirelli tires on it, tires in good shape & I’ll kick in some take-off tires also.  Rear stand comes with bike.  I’ll also be kicking in some older tire warmers and a ton of spares (including a full extra titanium exhaust system).


I weigh 180 without gear, the bike would probably work exactly as it sits for any rider from 160 – 200 pounds.


Bike has:
GP 25 mil cartridge front, 1.05 spring rate (could be 1.1).  Freshly serviced by KFG Racing.
Penske rear, freshly serviced by KFG Racing.  Spring is probably a 10.5 / 600 pound spring.
GPR Stabilizer
Galfer superbike front brake lines
Galfer steel braded clutch line
Bazzaz Traction Control Quick Shift (reverse shift)
Bazzaz handlebar mounted switches
Driven Racing chain & sprokets basically new, -1 + 4 gearing (16 / 46)

Fresh NGK spark plugs

Fresh oil change with Rock Oil

Driven Clip Ons
Driven Rear Sets, great shape
Titanium headers & Leo carbon can
ASV levers
Stock front rotors on bike (also have EBC wave rotors)
New OEM clutch complete
Woodcraft case covers
Cox radiator guard
Race tail

“2 up” tail and footpegs for a passenger
Driven axle block sliders
Driven front brake lever guard
fancy gas cap
fancy oil cap

Bodywork is painted red, white & black & brand new paint from this year.  Paint was done by me, great shape – epoxy primer, base coat, clear coat.  Stickers should come off with a little heat.

spare set of bodywork complete (tank, etc. – but needs paint)

2nd set of bodywork (no tank, needs paint)
spare rear wheel
spare goodies of all sorts
spare clutch master cylinder
spare clutch plunger assembly (hydraulic shit)
spare sprocket carrier
maybe some sprockets

Bike is AFM tech’ed, ready to race – and I did 54’s on this bike 2 years ago (the bike obviously capable of more). I have only ridden it at PTT trackdays since I got the 2011 race bike.

The bike is in great shape, no known problems & is a blast to ride. I’ll be asking $6500 with the spares.








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